sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

Bye the way ... I love you

Wherever you go, I'll be there by your side, smiling at you all the time. Always when I see you, I know I'm so happy 'cause I love you as I could never imagine before, like I have never seen in my life.

I have no doubts about what I want: I know you are the person I hope I love forever, even being so different and disagreeing with many things and situations.

Now, you cannot be here with me. I'm alone. You are in another place, where I will never know; just when the same thing happens to me.

For a long time I've supposed I remembered you and then I kept living.

Each day was like when you were alive. I'm sorry, but it was a trouble. Nowadays I'm lost. I don't have strength to live anymore. I want to run away from my life and stop making mistakes, 'cause it's been so long since I last saw your face

But I have decided, I'll be the same until the end of our love story; until I die too.

At last, I just want to see you as you always were and love you forever, my love. It's just that I - really - need to be happy.

Love you forever and ever.

IThauan dos SantosI

quarta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2009

Ditado popular

querer é poder. é o que muitos dizem sem ao menos refletir sobre.
sobre essa ótica, querer deveria ser poder.

poder ir além do cercado.

cercado aquele que nos limita com compro
missos e escassez.
escassez de tempo, de apoio e de força.
de força para viver.

IThauan dos SantosI