sábado, 26 de março de 2011

"until death do us part"?

They have been living and loving together for too long. Sharing experiences, good times and bad ones as well, and unforgettable memories that made the path to this kind of story.

Although it seemed to last forever like everything else, it wasn´t. They had been building such a nice environment until the time it wasn´t possible to work anymore. Even with a nice family, they saw the opportunity, the necessity to learn that changing is the key to go on without suffering until the end.

Trying to resist the reality happened for many years, but anyway it wasn´t the best thing ever tried, because it didn´t work. We all know it´s hard to restart a new life, because we are used to living in a particular way, but sometimes it´s better to restart it than keeping on living the way we are used to.

IThauan dos SantosI

sábado, 19 de março de 2011

Kinda chess

The best thing on being sad and a little bit down is that you might get better sooner or later. I´m sure that it has been happening to me today, actually since the whole last month.

I was definitely living an old dream. I was trying to resist the reality, still thinking that I was “there”. It made me feel worse especially because I couldn´t change my real situation, neither my mood nor plans for future.

Now I decided to move on, looking for reasons to keep myself on my way , drawing my path.

The key to see what we shall do in order to feel happier and more interesting in life is knowing that you are in a big game, where you are just a piece of it. Sometimes we are in good times, playing it very well. In other ones we are under control, weak and losing the game, but still knowing our ultimate goal.

Changing from loser to winner isn´t something eternal; it´s dynamic, not static as many people think. Then, it can let you think twice before leave behind some goal, idea or even an amazing story. Move yourself and go ahead. Time passes by and opportunities go away while you are crying and suffering as if your situation would consume you forever.

IThauan dos SantosI

terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

I used to...

... do so many things, even when actually I had nothing to do, even I actually had nothing to do;

... be happier, just because I knew they were all there by my side;

... play the game while I had lots of fun trying to give my best;

... dream higher, especially because doing that often made me see an interesting future.

Now I know I´m going to restart another completely different kind of live, harder and less funny than the one I had been living. The first week without it was really difficult and a bit sad, but as I know myself almost perfectly, I´m going to find another way to drive my life in a very good way and I´m sure that my friends are going to support me. My family is going to do it as well.

This year won´t be that easy, I already know that. By now I know that I have to be focused on my plans and I should go straight to the point, without changing plans to get there. This is what I´ve been thinking about, and what I´m going to do. Just like some years ago when I had to face the same situation, I mean, hard choices to choose, I´m sure that I can do that again and in the end I will look back and hopefully smile, knowing that I took the correct way and I did the right thing.

IThauan dos SantosI