domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Letter, word, phrase

She was a smart and clever little girl, but when she was a child, while she was taking her first classes at school, she could realised she had a big trouble: she could not write.

Despite knowing that this ability was quite relevant to her life, she had a special interest on fairytales and literature, for her grandmother read them to her every single night. This is one of the strongest memories of her childhood.

Her parents found out her competence to create stories and to describe a pharaonic castle with a sweet princess waiting for her handsome prince in his white horse. She could make up forbidden love stories as well as other complex realities, composed of elves, dragons, dwarfs, fairies and so on. As soon as they could, they enrolled her in a school in order to develop her writing skills.

However, they were very disappointed and sad about her weakness. Neither teachers´ attempts nor all her effort were being effective. The more she tried, the more frustrated she was. But gradually she could realise she had improved her capacity to draw an ordinary letter, to write a single word and to create a short phrase.

She was so enthusiastic and proud of herself that she could not stop writing anymore. Someday she heard that “practice makes perfect”, so she was determined to recover all the lost time. However, although her development had been very significant, she was never recognized for that and it made her feel weaker, for everyone wants to be recognized by their achievements.

Even though being an innocent, ingenuous and harmless little girl, she always knew for what she wanted to live. She desired to be a writer. Time passed by and now she is a famous writer with lots of books published and translated into many languages. When she thinks about her history, she realises that she just has to follow what she wants, doesn´t matter what others say about it. She knows that people wants to be recognized as they are, and now she can show the world that if you have a dream you can achieve it by yourself.

ILuan dos SantosI

sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2011

Juego de los colores

No percibo muy bien cómo las cosas pueden cambiar tan rápidamente y en un par de días todo se pone nuevo. Hay que tenerse en cuenta que eso es necesario para que la gente empiece a hacer planes y otras cosas más, aunque todavía sus deseos más secretos sigan siempre con ella.

Ya no tengo dudas de que nada sucede por casualidad. Ahora estoy casi seguro de que las cosas siempre tienen una razón de ser, mismo cuando no miramos a nada o nadie que pueda explicar el porqué.

Ojalá no esté cometiendo errores mientras escribo este texto, sin embargo sigo diciendo eso desde hace muchos años. Muchas veces creemos que sólo tenemos mala suerte o que las cosas nos pasan fatal, pero ni siempre todo es tan simple como parece. Si no tenemos prisa y seguimos tranquilos, todo se va a aclarar.

Por lo menos es así que voy intentado comprender, sino sólo me pasarán tonterías en la cabeza. Yo que tú, harías lo mismo... antes que lo gris se convierta en negro.

*Gracias Sara por todo ;)

IThauan dos SantosI

quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

Fortune telling card

It is so hard to understand some people and some things just because they are always changing so much and quite often. When you are getting in touch with something/somebody, they suddenly change and you cannot even do anything. You can only complain at it.

I do not want to live such a thing.

I completely disagree when you are looking for something, then you start working hard in order to “get there” without fear or doubt regarding your goals. So “there”, after spending so much time, strength and patience throughout this long path you see that everything is completely different and you are now a loser, despite winner.

This really makes me feel embarrassed and confused about what I want for myself. I know what I want for tomorrow, but I am sure that this choice is full of past experiences and wishes influences. Sincerely I am afraid of making mistakes.

The biggest wish I have been dreaming of is to get “there”. Then last but not least, I wish I had the opportunity to accomplish the main reason I still believe in, what is a worthwhile way to have spent all efforts and beliefs to be sure that I am not a silly person or even a foolish dreamer.

Meanwhile only when I am already there, I will be able to consider if I was right (insisting on it) or completely wrong (over insisting on it anyway). Since I know, no one can predict their own future, not even a fortune teller.

IThauan dos SantosI