domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

Fate draws my future

It´s really hard to put down in word what I´ve been feeling since I knew it. I have been planning my future for too long and then suddenly everything becomes totally different, due to it. I decided it with no fears and without thinking twice, just because I´d like to try it and I know that won´t lose anything anymore, I mean, I will just get better.

That time I stopped and thought as faster as I could if it was just and good to me keep giving up my present in order to have a bright and perfect future. Then I realize how interesting and unforgettable my choice could be, like spend too much time in heaven with the sweetest and the most important person to me. Actually it wasn´t the hardest choice in my life, because when I analyzed the positive and the negative points of it, it was quite simple to me.

While I´m waiting for the final decision seeing the time passing slowly in front of my eyes, I´m praying hard in order to achieve what I want.

That´s all I can say until now. There´s nothing else I can do right now. Sooner I intend to know what is going to happen to me.

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