quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel

Sometimes I feel down. These times I usually stop to think of my life; about my past and my future and truly I should tell you that I’m afraid.

Afraid of the dark and the light. I’m afraid of every little thing and I’m also afraid of everybody, everywhere. Fortunately, I have people who I can count on. But it also scares me, due to a single reason that is always happening to me: I often become alone - in several spots of this word.

I’m afraid of the time, ‘cause I have enough knowledge to understand that nothing is forever. On the other hand, I have been spending my time without enjoying the moment. I mean, it’s hard to me to show my feelings and to talk about my thoughts. Moreover, I deny myself to try something new or change my own rules.

Then, I keep walking on a grey road with plenty of surprises, smiles and crying; it depends on the reader – I know – to use these personal reflections for something interesting and better than I’ve been using them. The biggest mistake once said was “the smartest person is the one who follows their own advices”, ‘cause no one does that.

People are weak, even though they try to hide it.

Thanks for the beautiful words, Cassia.

IThauan dos SantosI

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Unknown disse...

First of all, I'm fucking proud to read such a beautiful text in such beautiful language.

Something that I once heard and that I always take with myself, no matter where or when:

" When you have a problem, do not only report it, but find a solution to be reported right after mentioning what is wrong".

And reading your text, I could see this clearly, I could not only see that you are aware of "what you are doing wrong", but also that you have the means to change it. So, why don't you start it today? It's difficult indeed, I know that, Ive been there! I guess I'm there all day, everyday, but I guess that the difference is that I have a goal in my life, and I DO know what it is. The path to get there will come up eventually, we never know what tomorrow will bring, but, quoting a favourite song of mine " whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there, with open arms and open eyes".

And I'm the type of person who is scared of pretty much everything. Maybe I don't show it, maybe I'm way too self-confident, but it is necessary, otherwise we won't achieve what we're here for. And as I have said, the path to get to our goal will come up, something today, a bit more tomorrow, something different in two weeks, and then something challenging, really challenging, which will require a great decision such as "yes or no?"/ "should I really go for it???" ( is it really a big decision or are we way too used to having a certain pattern of life???? have u ever stopped to think about it??? )

But I have my goal in mind, everyday, every time, and I so am afraid of failing, of not being able to achieve my purpose. But then I realise that changes must come, and we gotta be ready to make a decision, otherwise, how will we get what we really want? And now I ask you, do you know what you want for your life, everything, in every aspect??? Have you ever tried to put it all down on a paper and think over and over it? Maybe you should, it does help.

Besides, the biggest mistake one has ever made was to follow someone's else footprints in the sand, and not believing in their own advice (can u see that it can be both good and bad????). And by following someone's else footprints, what can be seen is that these footprints are not yours! you gotta go to the beach and stick your own feet into the sand, and not be afraid if the tide will be higher later and, due to that, it will swallow your footprints. Live forward, always leaving more footprints in the sand, not being afraid...never backward, looking at what has already gone or at what could have been.
And people are weak indeed, but how weak you are will depend only on yourself!

Paulo Sidney disse...

I would say that your blog is organized, well written and the English here is very good.
Many success!

Betinho Cerri disse...


@criz_coke disse...


passa no meu: beijoss

Anônimo disse...

You have wrote many wonderful things. Congratulations! So long!

TDLC disse...

I don't understand

ibere disse...

Parabens pelo seu blog, nao vou escrever em ingles pois o blog tem texros em pelo menos tres linguas qeu eu percebi. BOnito texto, reflexoes e teve muita coragem voce de se expor assim, acho isso bom. as palavras transmitem sinceridade, mas uma pergunta, por que tanto medo? as vezes sofremos por antecipação e o mal nunca chega de verdade... aproveite o que esta as suas maos, nao perca o que a vida lhe oferece hoje pela expectativa da perda.
continue escrevendo, parabens!

Fabio Bustamante disse...

Achei bem diferente e legal seu blog. Escrever em mais de uma língua é uma ideia criativa. Confesso que tive que colocar o texto num tradutor, e achei interessante, principalmente por você conseguir transmitir bem cada face do medo. Feliz ano novo!


Francis Martin disse...

My only mistake is I'm hoping.

PIVA, D.P. disse...

Gostei do blog
Li o primeiro comentário e achei bem duro, porém muito verdadeiro.
"whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there, with open arms and open eyes". (2)
Estou te seguindo. Parabens!


Jota disse...
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Projeto140 disse...

Maybe when you're alone it means not loneliness. When you're completely alone, you still have yourself. And being alone, you may understand anything you does not yet. You just need to want it.

Anônimo disse...

I frigue frugue frufru, don't do not so labilulo.