terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

I used to...

... do so many things, even when actually I had nothing to do, even I actually had nothing to do;

... be happier, just because I knew they were all there by my side;

... play the game while I had lots of fun trying to give my best;

... dream higher, especially because doing that often made me see an interesting future.

Now I know I´m going to restart another completely different kind of live, harder and less funny than the one I had been living. The first week without it was really difficult and a bit sad, but as I know myself almost perfectly, I´m going to find another way to drive my life in a very good way and I´m sure that my friends are going to support me. My family is going to do it as well.

This year won´t be that easy, I already know that. By now I know that I have to be focused on my plans and I should go straight to the point, without changing plans to get there. This is what I´ve been thinking about, and what I´m going to do. Just like some years ago when I had to face the same situation, I mean, hard choices to choose, I´m sure that I can do that again and in the end I will look back and hopefully smile, knowing that I took the correct way and I did the right thing.

IThauan dos SantosI

2 comentários:

Vinny disse...

Esse ano poderá ser até dificil p/ vc, mas agora q me conheceu vai ser muito mais divertido tb ;)...rsrs
Boa sorte na monografia e nessa sua nova fase na vida, mas não esqueça de continuar atualizando virei leitor agora...
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Acho que vc irá gostar tb

Armando disse...

Tahuan I am sure that you will be victorius about that year!!! dont worry! just believe in yourself! I like so much your blog :)