quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

Fortune telling card

It is so hard to understand some people and some things just because they are always changing so much and quite often. When you are getting in touch with something/somebody, they suddenly change and you cannot even do anything. You can only complain at it.

I do not want to live such a thing.

I completely disagree when you are looking for something, then you start working hard in order to “get there” without fear or doubt regarding your goals. So “there”, after spending so much time, strength and patience throughout this long path you see that everything is completely different and you are now a loser, despite winner.

This really makes me feel embarrassed and confused about what I want for myself. I know what I want for tomorrow, but I am sure that this choice is full of past experiences and wishes influences. Sincerely I am afraid of making mistakes.

The biggest wish I have been dreaming of is to get “there”. Then last but not least, I wish I had the opportunity to accomplish the main reason I still believe in, what is a worthwhile way to have spent all efforts and beliefs to be sure that I am not a silly person or even a foolish dreamer.

Meanwhile only when I am already there, I will be able to consider if I was right (insisting on it) or completely wrong (over insisting on it anyway). Since I know, no one can predict their own future, not even a fortune teller.

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