segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011

don´t give up so easily

Cutting the crap, I just want to try something different. I know sometimes I lie through my teeth planning so many things or pretending that I´m changing myself, but this time it´s true. It is because I do want to see another point of view and then I choose what I really want to be or to feel. As usual I know I´m not being gassed up, bowing out any suspicion.

I´m so fed up with all of these things. This makes me want to run away and actually I´ve been thinking of it really often these times and that´s why it scares me.

Undoubtedly my thoughts could be wrong and I can see myself in a stalemate, where I couldn´t even go backwards. “There” where I would probably stop and think about all I´ve been doing, I´d see so many things that I cannot see right now. This road might be quite long, strong and full of tricks, but I must face it with no fear.

Truly I think I have already lived so many different situations (even being only twenty-two). In spite of that, I still have to learn too much to feel ready to walk alone, on my own. I´m not going to try something that I know I can´t, otherwise I´d fuck me. Trying to avoid it, I´m looking for reasons to still learn as a conscientious person before risking everything and fail.

This should be the right way to live our own lives, but as we all already know it´s not that easy. Greed, lust and other deadly sins drive us crazy and away from our focus. I know they are always by my side; I can´t work it out very well.

By now I don´t even know what I should do. I´m completely lost in an awesome labyrinth far away from the light, quite distant from all the answers indeed, like a blind guy in the middle of nowhere. It´s such an upset reality, but the one that hundreds of people live everywhere all the time.

Unfortunately I have no happy ending for this text; feel sorry for that, my fellows. If somebody already knows how to work with it efficiently, please, answer me back.

IThauan dos SantosI

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