segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011

it is so up to you

I am going to write something now just because of a movie I watched yesterday in the afternoon. It is about a dream and the main character is a poor guy who has a son and a wife. That is all he had.

Watching his life get worse and his marriage about to break down, he has never forgotten his dreams, especially his biggest one: to have a good job to live a life with his family. It is a kind of American dream, but the one that every single person wishes hard.

As expected, he gets there. What was the key to success? Sure it was hard work!

This made me feel a bit sad, just because I saw myself in lots of scenes and acts, but at the same time I realized I have been changing so much. I used to work harder in order to have what I wanted, but today I am doing it slowly. I must change soon.

I should actually confess this movie drove me to a better way of thinking… to the one I always knew really well, but that seemed to be hidden inside. Focus is needed “to get there”, otherwise I will not be able to achieve what I want. The pursuit of happiness is not that easy as people usually say, (and) ­not even impossible.

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