segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

pride and wasting time

It’s seems to be a joke, but unfortunately it isn’t. I just can’t believe I see myself in it again, ‘cause now I already know the reason why it´s been happening again.

Why the hell we have to be over proud? And what about “playing love stories”? I must confess it’s just about LIFE, but why is it often necessary to be hurting inside so badly? I’m not talking about myself (it’d better if I was the only one who suffers from it), but actually I’m talking about lots of people who cannot live what they want to and need to be complete; they just can’t live their dreams because of something (that shouldn’t even exist).

I’ve been thinking about it hardly these last months and I cant say a word without having doubts about it. I apologize for that, but anyway I’m honest. Who else could say anything about life and especially related to heart feelings without any fear of saying anything wrong? How dare should I be pretending that I am the one who moves forward throughout the crowd without looking behind?! But I do. And not only behind, but to both sides as well.

Sometimes some people see nothing at all regarding to their own wishes and dreams. Now I see myself part of it. I wanna try everything and give my best before giving up, despite not believing it should come to me.

Yeah, I’m upset and hopeless right now and that’s why I’m about to stop writing. I can’t do it anymore. This “it” could be “writing” or “what I´ve been doing”. Sincerely, I´ve been trying hard this last choice, without having much success.

I hope next time I can bring you many happy feelings and warm words.

IThauan dos SantosI

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