domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2013


So far I’ve learned from life, “goodbye” doesn’t mean you’re finishing something.

Instead, most of the times, it makes us feel embarrassed and sad, but after that we realize we’re so different in so many ways, as if we’re different people.

Even though it can look like a silly stuff, I am serious. Actually, I could not be surer that life goes by like this.

After watching “Before Sunset”, a really nice movie about traveling, having a nice time abroad and short love stories, I just figured out that (living our) life is much more than growing as a person, professionally speaking. It’s rather developing our personality and capacity of feeling something for others and ourselves (indeed!), while knowing how to deal with so many situations.

I hope I can make myself clear, after a long time without writing here – especially because I have so much to express after such a long time being absent. In fact, the more I live, the more I know that life and love mean much more than long run projects. Far from that, they are made of lots of short run experiences, projects, gains, losses, victories and failures. If I am wrong, please I beg somebody to convince me to the contrary – especially because I’ve been seeing it working quite well like that everywhere (in general). The past teaches us that we gotta go further, looking forward, but never alone – I mean, with somebody by our sides as supporter, friend, lover. Despite, I’ve seen changeable icons, as if we were quickly disposable and easily replaceable.

No matter how mad I go when I realize it, I see some sense in this way of living, which is actually an ideology for me. “Learning-by-doing” and “trial and error” made me understand that it’s how it’d work better (unless I’ve been completely wrong about the signs that life has shown me, but I don’t think so). Now I know HOW and WHY I messed up so badly.

Getting back to the movie, the main character says once that "(...) my life is just memories or something [like that]." I almost had a heart attack when I heard such thing, mainly because I had the answer to the questions that I was looking for… and for too long, in reality. And so it is… life is made of memories; smiles and laughs; crying and sadness; beautiful sunny days followed by ugly rainy ones.

I cannot lie to myself that I still believe (and I wish I am not the only one) in some love stories told by storytellers and so on. I still do, indeed! Notwithstanding, now I’m sure I’m better prepared to play the game, not as a freshman anymore. Now I know that “goodbye” doesn’t mean the end of something (taking into account a short run perspective), but it’s rather a way to keep going and growing… and that’s the reason why I mentioned the “trial and error” and “learning-by-doing” theories as they’re (in fact) kinds of tips that life gives us, trying to help us be better players – although we don’t get it easily.

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