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Facing the (real) pajama

After a long time without writing a word right here, I’ve just watched a movie that made me think so much about lots of things.

First of all, it talks about ideology: the Nazi one. It is definitely only one more of them, but in fact it is the cruelest and mosFacing thet disgusting one, which makes me doubt how something like this could happened somewhere someday. Indeed, the movie is the well-known “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”.

The pajamas used to be uniforms that refugees and prisoners used to wear in Nazi camps, full of white and blue vertical stripes. I’d advise the red and white ones in the movie, for obvious reason (even if it was only to hide and disguise the blood they used to wear on their own bodies).

“The more one reads/studies, the more one learns”. It makes much sense if we disregard what we read or study. In the movie, we could figure out how children used to keep in touch with ideology, from the radios to the (types of) books, passing through the day-a-day chatting.

The nicest point of this movie is to put a young German boy, who could not understand anything that was happening to the Germany, in direct contact to what his country was really living: horror, atrocities and monstrosity. He was looking for a friend and he suddenly met a Jewish young guy who perfectly understood everything that was happening. He has actually lost his grandmother and grandfather.

Leaving aside the Nazi ideology, the protagonist, Bruno, becomes his friend and tried to help finding the dad’s friend, who’s lost. At the end of the movie (sure I’m not going to reveal the ending), we can feel, more than only see, how hard is to lose someone we do love, changing roles (the Jewish to a German one). Summing up, I do advise to check it out, ‘cause it is a really nice movie to reflect about History and life, in general.

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