quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

Cognitive dissonance

Who said we have to do something without thinking about receiving anything back?

I really appreciate those who believe in that, even if they have actually experiencied such situation. I did consider that. Not anymore, I guess.

Even though you can wonder you have been so gentle, sweet and lovely, is there any reason to keep yourself being this way when you are not seen like that? Or when you have not seen any compassion? Everybody has their principles and beliefs, like I do. But it is not a hard and solid structure. It changes according to time. Neither the most narrowest nor the most open-minded one can disagree with this behaviour. We all change and the biggest challenge is to understand it and keep yourself reasonable.

This means that sometimes we are taken by cognitive dissonance... In this manner, I was thinking about how I am acting and being, and I could realise that I am hurting myself when I wait for something that I even know I will not have. But despite of knowing it, I endeavour in a long breath and I try myself to be rational, otherwise I will not know how to manage it. After all, as it is said, "hope dies last".

ILuan dos SantosI

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