segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011


Sometimes you can think you are "dreaming" too much, but you just have to put in your mind that you do not have to forget your plans and what you want. As long as you really pursuit it, you will achieve it!

People are used to saying that you must have your feet on the ground. So, you are not able to fly, to try what is new. You can just think about what involves you and, as you do not have many choices, you have to be an average person. But what should happen if you really want to try new things?

Of course, it is very difficult to go beyond the borders. But it is not (in)possible at all. Actually, you just have to focus on your desires and design what you have to do to get them. You just have to think this goal is not (in)possible to be reached, so imagine you will be (in) this possibility.

We must believe in ourselves, but it is not enough. Sure you have to walk through a long and complex road… while it happens, lots of people will say you are crazy or something like that. But do not worry about it: in every single situation there will be many attempts to put you down. So you have to keep your mind straight to that point.

For many people this way is much more difficult due to personal characteristics and momentaneous circumstances. We know that. I know that. But it should make you believe you have to be much stronger, determined and focused on those plans. Just figure out how powerful you are and what you have to do to turn these dreams into reality. There is nothing impossible for those who really want something. There are (in)possible things…

ILuan dos SantosI

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