domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

keep smiling

Knowing real stories or even the ones watched in movies is always better for our points of view and goals for life. These days I have watched an amazing movie called “My Sister’s Keeper”. It could be just one more movie, but it actually wasn’t. While crying seeing how hard life could be, I suddenly realized how lucky I am. I have my family with me. Good friends by my side. I am healthy.

I have my problems indeed, but I don`t have big ones, anyway. Suffering for not achieving your goals or your wishes when you really want is not a kind of problem that you should count here. When I say “a problem to be dealt with”, I mean the ones that definitely hurt you such as diseases or so.

When you see people living such a hard life you feel their pain and stop complaining about your “problems”, which are actually not quite big enough. Pretending that you need special cares, more attention or mercy will not have any sense and you will see yourself in a selfish way of thinking and living, what you must change sooner or later, otherwise you will not be able to understand what life is and enjoy the moments properly.

Live your life is understanding that happiness is something dynamic not static. Today you win, then you smile; tomorrow you fail, and then you cry. You cannot say without any doubt you are a happy person, but that you are happy for some time. While you can face your problems in a good way, you can feel like a happy person.

We all should see happiness in each little thing lived everyday everywhere. I do think this is the best way to move on, trying to go forward without carrying too much.

IThauan dos SantosI

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